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Briquettes only (10pack)

Qty 10, 2" Ceramic Briquettes, for the (6-pack option select S13129 )  

Compatible with: , , , , , .

Will not work for grills manufactured in 2010-2011 pre-B series because they are too big.  We suggest to purchase replacements from your local store.  Alternative is to replace all the 6″ briquettes trays with new trays with the new briquettes.  Match up your grill size to the tray size.  Example, DHBQ32G-N from 2010 is a 32″ grill so the briquette trays part # is S23218-32Y.


Sold as a 10-pack.


Parts List -DHBQ-B S13129-10 Briquettes 10-pack

Parts List -DHBQ-C S13129-10 Briquettes Only 10pack



1 Pack of 10